Desktop Icon Manager

Those of you with laptops know that sometimes, during the course of your travels, you’re going to plug in to a projector and give a presentation.  Unplug it the wrong way, or plug in to an older projector with a different screen resolution and POOF – all your desktop icons are scrambled when you unplug or next sign in to your laptop.

The same effect can happen when plugging into or un-docking your laptop from a docking station.  Especially if you have a two monitor setup.

You then need to spend a few minutes re-configuring your desktop.  After doing it many times, you begin to wonder if there is a better way.  THERE IS!

While there are a number of these little utilities out there, I recently discovered my new favorite.  It is FREE.  It is low maintenance.  It is easy to use.  It takes up little (or no)  memory, depending on how you choose to use it.

It’s called Desktop OK and you can get it here.