About Steve

My official corporate photo taken a few years ago



I see you have come upon my blog and are undoubtedly wanting to know more about me or what I do.

I have a long history in Information Technology going back many years. For most of my career, I have been either a self-employed or corporate IT consultant.  I’ve helped small business owners, members of the Fortune 500, governments and private individuals with a large number of  challenges when it comes to technology.

I’ve started a number of businesses and helped others do the same. I’ve assembled (and am constantly adding to) a  number of resources that will help you do the same.  In the course of putting together all those business plans and actually operating my own businesses, I became a very efficient and effective Marketer.

My services allow you to successfully apply proven marketing techniques to market yourself, your business and your products in today’s online, connected world!  I’ll be your coach, your guide and your partner in successfully navigating the tricky (and sometimes perilous) online waters.

The astute observer will be able to tell that I am not the world’s youngest guy.  In fact, I started my first computer business with a couple partners back in 1978 – when I WAS pretty young and green.  But after thirty years of working with computers, software and databases on everything from a PC all the way up to large clusters of interconnected mainframes – I’ve assembled quite a knowledge base.

I’ve worked for everything from single individuals to the Fortune 50 and governments of all sizes, too.  Why not get the benefit of an IMMENSE amount of experience for your next project? As if my experience alone is not enough, I’ve made quite a few contacts in my career.  Chances are if I don’t have exactly what it takes to get the job done – I know someone who DOES.

There’s really only one name to know:  STEVE MAZIARZ

And only one number you need to call:  877-MAZIARZ / 877-629-4279

To learn more about my capabilities, please explore my blog.