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Excel-Access-DB2 Data Exchange

As you may be aware, with older versions of Excel you were limited to the number of rows which could be used.  Mid-level managers at large publicly traded company were comfortable performing various reporting and forecasting functions using Excel.  Unfortunately, the amount of data delivered during end of the month reporting frequently exceeded the capabilities of Excel.  Complicating the issue was the fact that data had to be gathered from both local Access databases and corporate mainframes.

I developed a series of customized Excel and Access macros which allowed them to break down the large data sets based on a number of criteria.  This facilitated their ability to use an interface they were comfortable with (Excel) while still allowing them to deal with and manage large volumes of information.

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Posted by Steve Maziarz - February 18, 2010 at 10:02 am

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Sales Logix CRM Implementation

Managed a team of four people in the installation and extensive customization of the Sales Logix software.  Planned and directed the data conversion efforts and  import of several purchased prospecting databases.  Developed interface to external data sources.  Conducted training seminars at various locations throughout the United States for the sales force.

We made extensive customizations to this Delphi based product. This involved an intensive period of training for the programming team to learn the internal structure of the product.  I also led a number of training sessions teaching the team the basics of Delphi.

Additionally, I developed a custom module for Sales Logix and a series of Excel macros and VBA modules which facilitated the exchange of data between a large number of custom spreadsheets used by the sales force and Sales Logix.  This saved hours of re-keying and preserved the accuracy and integrity of the data.

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Posted by Steve Maziarz - November 4, 2009 at 6:52 am

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CRM Software Selection

Working with senior-level management, developed the criteria and features selection matrices required for the evaluation of several different CRM software solutions for an eCommerce firm. Led the team in evaluations of the various packages and worked with management to select the winning solution.

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Posted by Steve Maziarz -  at 6:42 am

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Knowledge Transfer and Migration Plan

Developed a knowledge transfer plan for a large insurance firm designed to bring their existing staff up to date on the latest web-based technologies. My efforts were instrumental in turning around a delicate contract problem. Also supplied planning services for establishing a national help desk.

This was an especially difficult and challenging project.  I was approached with an urgent need by a contracting firm I had worked with several times. They needed someone with mainframe, PC and Web knowledge to replace a contractor who had walked off the job as the project was nearing completion.

Only after I arrived and was being asked some curious questions did I find out that I was replacing an internationally acclaimed expert in the field. A published author who had made several presentations at conferences across the globe. Needless to say, I had a steep learning curve to catch up with my predecessor.  In addition to a four hour “commute.”

Despite all the cards stacked against me, I did what it took to successfully complete the task and got a nice little bonus from the firm for an outstanding job.

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Document Scanning System

Designed and managed the implementation of a system for a large government contract that would allow our firm to receive scanned images of documents, display them on screen and allow operators to key from image. Images were wither served from a centralized server, or via CD-ROM from the individual workstation, depending on how they were received.

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Posted by Steve Maziarz - November 2, 2009 at 10:27 am

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