Our services are focused on delivering a complete online marketing solution for your business. Unfortunately, a good many business owners are never given the full picture of what it takes to effectively market online. Have a look at my “tag line” up above and you’ll see that it says “Effective Online Marketing.” When you choose me to help you, your business will get the complete picture. You’ll be way ahead of your competition both in the online world and in physical world.

Many business owners confuse advertising and marketing because they’ve only been given a part of the story by someone trying to sell them on advertising. Likewise, many business owners have been sold on the idea that they need a website by someone that builds websites for a living. Both groups are often disappointed with the results. They’ve only been sold part of the package. Yes, you do need to advertise. Almost any business today should have a website. But those are just two important pieces of the finished product.

So, let’s take a look at ALL of the pieces that belong in the complete package for Effective Online Marketing. I start out by using the following equation to summarize Effective Online Marketing:

Traffic + Conversion = Success

Actually, this is true whether you are running a purely online business or a real world business. In the slide above,

  • Traffic represents your potential customers or clients.
  • Conversion represents all the things and processes in place to take that potential customer and turn them into a paying customer or client.

My services will help you set up and manage a complete ongoing marketing effort.  Be sure to check out the drop down list on the Solutions Menu Item above.