SEO Copywriting

In order for your website to be a true silent salesman, helping to educate your potential clients on why they should do business with you as opposed to your competition, the copy (or words) on the pages of your website are a critical component in the conversion process.

The need to establish credibility and rapport with your potential customers is especially valuable in the online world. Think about it for a moment. Someone who is visiting your website for the first time likely knows little about your business and what you do. You need to capture their interest and engage them in an ongoing conversation and spur them to take an action. Be it calling you, remembering you or requesting additional information.

The content on the pages of your website is responsible for making that happen. Whether it is just the written word, the spoken word or a video, the message you deliver needs to convince your potential customer to do something before they click away from your website and go elsewhere.

As a trained copywriter and a member of the American Writers and Artists Institute, I can create the words and scripts needed to deliver sales. In addition, I complement this ability by utilizing the results of the Search Engine Optimization Survey to incorporate crucial search terms into your copy so that it gets noticed by the Search Engines.